Speakers and Performers

Meet speakers of TEDx IISER Pune 2023

Aman Dhattarwal

Aman Dhattarwal is a well-respected educator with over six years of experience in the field. He began his career as an introverted college student, but has since transformed into a successful YouTuber, educator, and entrepreneur. He has been invited to speak at numerous reputable colleges in India and has garnered the support of over 8 million students. Aman Bhaiya, as known by many, has been a mentor to the students mainly in class 10-12 and those who are pursuing a side hustle in their college. He has seven different channels over YouTube each with a different goal focused mostly on students.At such a young age this man has dedicated a lot to the betterment of society and students.

Ishwari Katwe

Ishwari Katwe is a talented actor, model, and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. As the CEO of The Rajta Studios, a production house, she has been active in acting and modeling for the past six years, appearing in popular Marathi TV serials like Balumamachya navan chang bhala, phulala sughanda maticha & more ,and commercial advertisements for brands such as Kotharis Royal Organic Foods and Milktastic. In addition to her work on screen, she has also made a name for herself in theater, starring in the acclaimed play "Loop Within." We are excited to announce that Ishwari will be joining us as a speaker at our Tedx event.

Vilas Tawde

Mr Tawde was CEO & MD of EOGEPL, Essar group who was pioneer in CBM exploration in the country, attained India's largest Unconventional E&P player status in terms of highest peak production, number of wells. He supported the government in their vision “ India towards Gas based economy " by participating in discussions on various policy initiatives towards it with focus on Unconventional Gas Exploration & Production. Represented at various national and international forums emphasising on the diversified environmental impact of global warming and highlighting the under recognized role of methane emission and its sources as a major causative agent. Further identifying methane mitigation strategies, specifically in Agriculture Sector which gives monetary benefits reducing the impact on Global Warming.

Colonel Parag Gupte

Colonel Parag Gupte joined the Indian Military Academy in January 1990 and was commissioned into the 16th Battalion of the Madras Regiment in June 1991. He has served for a total of 30 years in the Indian Army and has gained extensive experience in handling terrorism and insurgency in various parts of the country, including Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and the North East and South Assam regions. He has received the Army Commanders Commendation Card for his outstanding service. In his later years in the Army, Colonel Gupte had the opportunity to serve as a training officer for NCC battalions, where he trained young cadets in various service subjects. As a result of his efforts, nine of his trainees were selected to participate in the 2022 Republic Day Parade as part of the Maharashtra contingent.

Dushyanth Edadasula

Mr. Dushyanth Edadasula is a well-known name in the field of education. Being a teacher by profession, he founded a non-profit organization, 'Citizens of Science (CoS)', which aims towards guiding young budding students offering well- informed counsel and spreads awareness about career opportunities that many are unaware of. He started a blog - 'Physics after Engineering' to let others know of ways to swtich to physics even after pursuing engineering. Currently, he has a self- sustaining community of 1500+ science enthusiasts, many of whom are in top positions that are aspired by students, provide him with their own experiences making the information he is trying to spread legitimate. Beneficiaries make it to some of the most yearned for institutes of India such as TIFR, ICTS, IITs, IISERs, IISc, etc. as well as to foreign universities such as NYU, LMU, Alberta Univ., Cornell University, TU Delft, etc.

Dr. Pali Chandra

Dr. Pali Chandra is a renowned kathak dancer, choreographer, and art director with over 30 years of experience in the dance industry. She has directed numerous art festivals around the world and is a senior member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in the UK as well as a graded member of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Dr. Chandra is also a social activist who is dedicated to nature conservation, women's empowerment, and spreading the joy of learning. She is the founder of several kathak training institutes in India, the UK, UAE, and Switzerland, and runs an online learning platform called learnkathakonline.

Dr. Ganesh Bagler

Ganesh Bagler is known for his pioneering research in computational gastronomy, an emerging data science of food, flavours and health. Although as a teenager, he aspired to be an astronomer, he is trained in physics, computational techniques and computational biology. He has been working on biological complex systems modelling, and has investigated protein structures and complex diseases from graph theoretical perspectives. His Ph.D. research led to the observation of exceptional assortative mixing in graph theoretical models of protein structures. He currently is affiliated to IIIT-Delhi. By building keystone data repositories, algorithms, and applications, he has established the foundations of this emerging data science that blends food with artificial intelligence. Prof. Bagler has an audacious dream of transforming the global food landscape by making food computable.

Dr. Karuna Datta

Dr. Karuna Datta is a highly qualified medical doctor and researcher with a focus on sports medicine and sleep disorders. She received her medical degree from the Armed Forces Medical College in 1994 and after her specialisation went on to complete a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in 2016 from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. In addition to her medical education fellowship, she has also completed an advanced program in digital health and imaging and holds a certification as an international sleep specialist. Currently, Dr. Datta serves as the Professor and Head of Department of Sports Medicine at the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, India. She has completed a number of research projects in the areas of sleep disorders, yoga nidra and it's therapeutic role in insomnia among others. In addition to her research work, she is also involved in several ongoing projects, including a study on the effects of yoga nidra on cognitive function and a clinical trial on the role of individualized sleep prescriptions in sports. Dr. Datta has received several awards and accolades for her work, including the President's Gold Medal for the best outgoing cadet in 1994 and Shushila Thaker Prakruthi Mandir award in Dec 2022 for best research paper in yoga, natural health and naturopathy.



Anukram is a traditional kathak performance that takes the audience on a journey through storytelling. From the team of renowned Kathak exponent Mrs.Pali Chandra, performance featuring the talents of Vrinda Bhandula, Swarashri Shridhar, and Janhavi Thorat, is sure to be a remarkable one.

Swatantra Theater

Swatantra Theater, with great endurance stands on a pedestal channeled towards contemporary notions and social issues today. Founded by Abhijeet Choudhary, Yuwaraj Shah and Dhanashree Heblikar the Theater group is committed to produce extraordinary work in Theater and Cinema.