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September 2021 - FROSTED GLASS

Theme description

There are many things that ‘Frosted Glass’ represents: a hindrance to clarity, a means to conceal the truth, an illusion of reality and maybe even a new perspective to life.

Our theme aims at presenting the various efforts that scientists, philosophers, and innovators make to explore the other side of the “Frosted Glass”. Science is constantly probing fundamental questions, trying to understand the true nature of the universe better. Meanwhile, philosophy is trying to question the methodology of scientific observation. Innovators and entrepreneurs are relentlessly working to improve our lives; starting from seemingly absurd and vague ideas and building upon them while overcoming many hurdles that cross their paths.

Thus, “Frosted Glass” represents all the fuzziness and uncertainities prevalent in our perceptions, thoughts, and actions. It aims at highlighting common misconceptions and obscured views present around us as a society and as an individual that lives in it. In the end its also about how we can use a fogged view of something to further build upon it and shape it the way we wish it to be.

Team 2021

    Organizer - Ashli
    Co-Organizer - Gautham
    Finance and Sponsorship - Parijat and Pritam
    Speaker Curation - Drishti and Sanjana
    Logistics - Soumen
    Publicity and Promotions - Manav and Likhit
    Website and Sales - Jezer
    Food and Hospitality - Asmita Akshata
    Main Stage - Prathith and Arsh
    Design - Swayam and Varun

February 2020 - CAPTURE

Theme description

The theme for the event was CAPTURE. The word 'capture' has connotations in every field in existence. To capture is to represent or describe something very accurately using words or images. IISER Pune has a very intimate relation with this theme, as the foundation of modern science is built upon capturing ideas, forming theories, and revolutionising the world. Capturing can also be applied in the realm of art, where emotions and colours encapsulate ideas for eternity. Photography and painting freeze moments in space and time, music conveys thoughts and expressions in a universal language.TEDxIISERPune hopes to capture the imagination and aspirations of the youth of India.

Click here to watch the talks from this event.

Team 2020

    Organizer - Shrutika Lokapure
    Co-Organizer - Purva Parmar
    Finance and Sponsorship - Goirik Chakraborty
    Speaker Curation - Aditya Chincholi
    Scheduling - Janani R.G.
    Publicity and Promotions - Arjun Murlidhar
    Website and Sales - Purva Parmar
    Hospitality and Travel - Khushboo Jain
    Security, Logistics, and HR - Prajnadipt Ghosh
    Main Stage - Chahana N.
    Design - Anushka Doke and Akshay Kunnavil
    Food and Giveaways - Karthik Vasisht