Team 2022

Meet team of TEDx IISER Pune 2022

Yash Karampuri

Yash is the leader of the TEDx Gang. An eloquent speaker, communication expert, he can always be seen doing club works for big clubs at IISER Pune. He has brought together this team make TEDx happen.

Ashmita Baruah

She leads the team along with Yash and makes sure everything happens correctly. She is a great person to work with and leads us with a lot of care and consideration.

Shriyansh and Ishani

Shriyansh Ranjan is 'Mr Speed of tedxIISERPune. He is a good sportsman, and excels in basketball. In tedx he handles Logistics department with Ishani. Managing the resources, organizing events, and helping organizers in other managerial stuff is what he does.

Ishani Hira is one of the sunny and cheerful in TEDx team. She draws from her experience as a IGeMer. In tedx she handles Logistics department with Shriyansh. Managing the resources, organizing events, and helping organizers in other managerial stuff, going home very often is what she does.

Parth and Aditya

We are the webdev and sales team of TEDxIISER Pune, be it updating the website or selling the merch and tickets online, if it involves computers, you can leave it to us! Our aim this year is to make TEDx easier to conduct and attend through the use of technology!

Malvika and Avani

With speakers coming over from all over the globe, they must feel at home in IISER Pune. They ensure that the speakers have a good journey and are comfortable here!

Arkadeep and Rifa

"We sell tickets" ~ Rifa
P.S "Manav Sivaram helped me with the description T_T" ~ Rifa

Yangchen and Mohsina

Figuring out the food to serve and curating the TEDx gift basket is their job. These foodies get to taste food from different caterers and decide on what we will serve at the event.

Namit and Naren

They write content, be it drafting email or writing descriptions on the website.

Bageerath and Shreyas

We are the Media team of TEDxIISERPUNE. We make sure the world sees and hears TEDxIISERPUNE's flavorful journey through our lenses. Our team brings the best tech to make the event resonate and crafts premium content to tell the stories of our TEDx.

Sumanth and Shreya

Organising and handling the mainstage is their responsibility. Making sure that the speakers appear on stage in the right order to decorating the stage.

Ujwal and Hrishi

Handling finances of an organisation such as ours can be a daunting task, luckily we have Ujwal and Hrishi who handle our bank accounts and finance. (They will remeberse me for buying this domain :))

Sumit and Devpriyan

Experts in digital art, these guys are responsible for making everything look good, from the tickets to posters, it's all them!

Jewel and Bhavya

Choosing speakers for the event is not an easy task. They have the job of approaching emminent personalities and curating the best set of speakers possible for the event!


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